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Address: Venkateshwarla Rama Raju*
Sree Veera Venkata Satynarayana College of Engineering & Technology, SSN Group of Educational Institutions & Industries, Ongole, Prakasham Dist., AP.
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 3,      Issue - 1,     Year - 2012

Breast Muscle Self-Examination (BMSE) is a non-invasive technique, self administered method, traditionally well designed and simple but elegant screening procedure for detecting breast muscle cancer at an early stage. This procedure can be performed in private at any time. A variety of leaflets, flyers, advertisements/ promotional materials and websites/ direct e-mails, Web centers/ Netscape’s, net/ web cave’s etc subsist, which attempt to train women on how to perform BMSE. There are some learning systems also which envisages videos and audio cassettes. However, there are neither fully interactive system’s in contemporary nor no real-time feedback is given to a user on whether she is correctly performing the procedure. Our goal is to develop an intelligent user friendly interactive multimedia system (IUFIMMS) as an interface incorporating pattern recognition, machine vision and perceptive techniques, and provide real-time feedback to help, direct women to perform BMSE test for accuracy. Using her hand in a technical specific configuration to conduct -palpate breast muscle is the basic means available for a woman to perform BMSE. Woman with nails grown not only harm her baby but it is also a major health hazard to her breasts and also danger. Nonetheless, a human hand is highly articulated and deformable with 27 degree-of-freedom (DoF) parameters according to its anatomical structure. Recognizing hand gestures and/or postures is a challenging task that has been studied in many areas and applications. Too much palpation may lead to tumors to the breasts. In this paper, a simplified three-dimensional (3D) hand model is presented, which has only 8 DoF parameters and is especially adapted for ease of use with the BMSE system. This model will be potentially effective simulation modeling paradigm and tracking tool which will contribute to BMSE learning, thus to the development of an intelligent interactive user friendly BMSE system. We focused on Indian and European scenario. It may be said that India’s breast feeding is the best compare to all other methods and modalities. Since traditionally Indian woman are breast feeders to their babies and they will not keep the nails grown unlike their European counter parts long and sharp nail polishing styles. Further to say that sharp nail polishing may harm the babies and also problem to the breasts during palpation. According to the techniques of BMSE, a woman is required to join her three middle fingers F1, F2 and F3 in a flat manner in order to make small circular motions around her breast. Therefore, the joined three middle fingers are treated as one rigid object, and labeled as F123 in the simplified hand model. Only the DoF of the Meta Carpo Phalangeal (MCP) is taken into account in F123, i.e. the Distal Inter Phalangeal (DIP) and Proximal Inter Phalangeal (PIP) flex parameters from fingers F1 to F3 are removed and all the parameters about the thumb F0 and the little finger F1 are equally ignored. The general tendency of English woman is she doesn’t want to cut the nails because she doesn’t want to lose her nails polished for style. necessary to combine performing monthly BSE, regular clinical and/or diagnostic breast examination and mammography [5] testing. Breast self-examination has the advantage of being performed privately by the woman herself, at any time, and it is simple and non-invasive Performing BSE in a correct manner is essential to detect tumours efficiently. A variety of leaflets and websites exist, which attempt to train women on performing the procedure. The MammaCare Personal Learning system relies on a breast silicone model in addition to video and audio cassettes, but there is no real-time feed-back provided to women while they are watching video and practicing these techniques [6]. Our research group is embarking on an ambitious project aimed at developing an intelligent interactive multimedia system incorporating multimedia, image processing, patternrecognition and machine vision techniques for assisting and guiding woman to perform BSE correctly

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Venkateshwarla Rama Raju. A Real Time Hand Tracking and Multimedia Based System for Breast Muscle Self-Examination: A Perspective Study - Indian European Point of View (Simplified 3D Hand Model). Research J. Engineering and Tech. 3(1): Jan.-Mar. 2012 page 19-21.

Venkateshwarla Rama Raju. A Real Time Hand Tracking and Multimedia Based System for Breast Muscle Self-Examination: A Perspective Study - Indian European Point of View (Simplified 3D Hand Model). Research J. Engineering and Tech. 3(1): Jan.-Mar. 2012 page 19-21.   Available on:

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